Monday, June 01, 2015

KIOKO - Deadly Roots

Powerful debut video from the wonderful KIOKO to accompany their equally strong track Deadly Roots. Nice to see/hear a band addressing some important issues for a change. Granted things are so much better than they were back in the 70s when groups like Steel Pulse and UB40 (arguably KIOKO's spiritual granddads) first started doing their stuff but we all need to be mindful of issues of race, religion, sexuality and the hundreds of other things that make us all both unique and, simultaneously (when you think about it really), the same.

In the 45 years that I've been on planet earth the Country and especially the City I call home has changed beyond belief but it's heartening to see that, by and large, we all seem to get along pretty well. Perhaps that's why so many bands have drifted away from the more political or social kind of material? Is there much left to protest about? Or the appetite to do so? As a middle aged white bloke it's pretty hard to tell, although if I'd been landed with a £30,000 debt after doing a degree, forced to take a zero hours contract job and then told I couldn't get a mortgage until I'd saved £50,000 I'd be pretty pissed...

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