Friday, June 19, 2015

Jazz you like it...

Attended the launch party for the 31st Birmingham International Jazz & Blues Festival (July 3rd - 12th) last night and caught these dudes, The Rumblestrutters, playing a couple of great sets of Memphis jazz, hokum and blues. The harmonica player must have an extra mouth and the lung capacity of an airship to play this track. Impressive stuff and a ruddy lovely bunch of people too. They're back on the opening day of the festival (Friday July 3rd), check out the programme for details. 

This year the festival dishes up an incredible 175 performances across the City over 10 days, many of which are completely and utterly 100% FREE. There’s the usual mix of new and established talent from here in the UK and overseas with Spencer Davis Group drummer Pete Yorke popping back to Brum from his current home in Munich and one of the hits of 2014’s festival Pepper and the Jellies returning from Italy. Eccellente! There's also something of a festival within a festival paying tribute to Billie Holiday (this year's the centenary of her birth) with a series of gigs, film showings and other good stuff taking place during the second week. 

Keep an eye (and ear...hell...both of 'em in fact) open for award winning French vocalist Sarah Lenka who'll be singing the songs of Lady Day in SIX...that's half a dozen in old money...shows between July 10th and 12th. 

Here's a video of the legend herself in full flow too...

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