Monday, June 15, 2015

The lowdown on Highbury Studio...

We don't seem to be too good at preserving our heritage in Birmingham do we eh? Back in the 50s and 60s the 'town planners' oversaw the destruction of dozens of beautiful buildings, replacing them with grim brutalist structures. And what happens once these begin to develop a certain bleak charm and historical importance...yep...they're demolished to make way for yet another flat pack office block (see the 'old' library for instance). Then there's The Crown, home to some of Black Sabbath's early gigs, which was hailed as Birmingham's equivalent of The Cavern Club. It's currently boarded up and will probably be knocked down or turned into flats or a mobile phone shop or even more ruddy offices.

Now it appears as though Highbury Studio where Duran Duran recorded some of their earliest demos faces an uncertain future too. Thankfully they've just launched one of those Pledge Music thingies offering everything from an exclusive double album featuring some of Brum's best new bands through to a karaoke evening where the studio will lay on a group to sing up to 12 of your favourite tracks that are then professionally filmed and recorded for you and 16 friends. For Duran Duran fans there's also a rare as hens teeth chance to hear the early demos (including a version of The Chauffeur...I've never been the same after watching that video) that have never...and will never...leave the studios (Duran Duran have personally given their permission for these tracks to be played, bless 'em).

You can see the full list of pledge goodies right here!

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