Wednesday, April 09, 2014

It’s nice to be a Lunar-tic...

Is there anything better than being outside in the sun, with a cider or two, watching live music? Well yes, there’s sex, but getting jiggy outside isn’t a good idea, especially in the middle of V Festival (far too much piddle flying about). Yes, the Great British festival can be a wonderful thing and the good people behind Moseley Folk and Mostly Jazz, Funk and Soul are putting on a third event this year, The Lunar Festival, with an ear tingling line up. Unlike MoFolk and MoJaFuSo you can camp at The Lunar Festival, just to get that truly authentic festival vibe. And, if it’s just 10% as good as either of their other events, it promises to be something pretty jolly special. 

Capacity is relatively modest so you won’t have to spend 6 hours queuing for the loos/bar/ostrich burger but it also means you should probably snap up a ticket right now if you want to go. Here’s just a small sample of the delights on offer...

Plus there's loads of other stuff going on, pop up clubs, workshops, climbing (best not to try this after three pints of Vicar's Todger) and a simply beautiful idea that involves playing Nick Drake's (he was a local lad) albums in the woods on his actual record player! Vinyl, it's the future. 

Tickets - available here - are just £85 for the three days (which includes camping). Now that's a billy bargain. 

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