Monday, April 28, 2014

Bob Log III and Thomas Truax...two of a kind

Unique. It’s a pretty overused word these days. But this Wednesday night Birmingham Promoters are dishing up a truly unique double bill courtesy of Thomas Truax and Bob Log III. Not content with the current range of musical instruments available on planet earth Truax also makes his own using pretty much anything he can find (check out his drum machine in the video) whilst Bob Log III has spent the last couple of decades glued into a motorcycle helmet with a telephone stuck on the front of it through which he hollers the blues (well you would wouldn’t you?). Watch out for a track called Boob Scotch where he invites ladies (and men sometimes, particularly the more well endowed chaps) onto the stage their boob in his scotch.  

Tickets available right here, right now. 

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