Thursday, April 24, 2014

Funke and the Two-Tone Baby – The Last Thing We’ll See Is The Sea

Possibly inspired by the truly apocalyptic weather that pretty much trashed the entire country earlier this year one man blues bomb Funke and the Two-Tone Baby blasts back with a brand new 4 track EP, The Last Thing We’ll See Is The Sea. Opening track, The Great Storm, sort of confirms this assumption (although whether it’s a metaphorical storm or a literal one is, I guess, up to you dear listener) and it sure lives up to its name, whipping up the kind of harmonica filled fury that could power a decent sized wind farm. There, that’s the energy crisis sorted then. Next up Never Used To Dance is a subtler beast, albeit with the odd pleasin’ blast of holy hollerin’. I’m not sure whether the subject of Wasting My Love is a real person or not but if she is somehow I don’t suspect she’ll be on Funke’s Christmas card list this year, “In this world of are queen” he sings, ever so slightly menacingly. Hell hath no fury eh? Despite the title, Darkest Of Days, the EP ends with a surprisingly upbeat...well, as upbeat as the blues can get...tune. Okay so the lyrics are still seemingly focussed on that lost love from track three but vocally and musically it’s a belter, the kind of song that makes you want to bang one foot on the floor until it’s a bloodied stump.  

The Last Thing We'll See Is The Sea is due for physical and digital release on June 16th 2014. 

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