Wednesday, April 02, 2014

Body Hound...this is 'growl' they do it...

Ex Rolo Tomassi / Antares peeps have formed a new band, Body Hound, and to show the love (the Body Hounds of love perhaps...ahem) they’re offering downloads of their brand spanking new EP, Rhombus Now, on a Pay What You Like basis! I’ve heard it and it’s riffier than a riffy thing...with added riffs...and you know what they say...never look a riff-t horse in the mouth. There are 6 whole tracks of progtastic head banging insanity that threaten to remove your noggin from your shoulders faster than a well oiled guillotine. Obviously not having a head interferes with life a little but sod it, you can’t make an omelette without breaking a few eggs eh? For a taster of what you can expect cop a load of this brief live clip from a recent gig...EPIC.

The EP will be available to download from April 14th via the good people at Brain Wave.     

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