Monday, March 17, 2014

The Correspondents...tip top hip hop hooray

Being a (hopefully) dapper chap myself it was perhaps inevitable that I’d be drawn to The Correspondents, an alt hip hop duo with one foot in the 1920’s and another in the 1990’s. With tracks like What's Happened To Soho (a much needed lament to the destruction of London’s seedy heart) and Fear and Delight they manage to cleverly combine a level of sophistication and booty shaking beat that’s sadly lacking in the world of hip or indeed hop these days.

The band’s MC Ian Bruce is a pretty interesting character too. An artist of some note he also’s say ‘adult’ drawings under the pseudonym not to open that link at work...or in front of your mum. Anyway, The Correspondents are hitting the road for a few live shows in April and May in support of their frankly spiffing debut album Puppet Loosely Strung. Midlands based chaps and chappetes can catch them on Thursday 10th April at The Institute. Jolly good show, eh what?! 

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Retro LadyLand... said...

OOh, you might like my very delightful encounter with the Correspondents. What lovely chaps!