Monday, March 24, 2014

The beat of the Drummond

Spent a very enjoyable half hour or so chatting with Bill Drummond in his Eastside Projects hideout on Saturday. He'll be there every Friday and Saturday until June as well as popping up all over Brum on weekdays to do/create all manner of I think that's the best way to describe them. Incredibly Brum's the first City to host Bill on what will be a 12 year world tour (3 months per year in a different City) and we're rather darn lucky to have him here. Oh...and if you don't know who Bill Drummond is by the way have a read through his Wiki entry. Highlights include managing The Teardrop Explodes, forming The KLF and then burning one million pounds (pretty much all the cash the band had earned) in arguably one of the strangest and strongest artistic statements in history. Bill's probably a little fed up of people asking why he did it (I kind of skirted around the subject) and I'm not even sure he knows why any more but it's one hell of a story.

To find out where Bill is and what he's up to check out the list of events or just pop along on a Friday and Saturday for a natter...perhaps best not to mention the million pounds though.

Here's a trio of KLF hits that'll be more familiar than Bill's solo musical output. I can heartily recommend his album The Man though (from which Julian Cope Is Dead is taken). Genius.

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