Friday, March 28, 2014

Robyn with a Cherry on top

I say, I say, I say, what do you get if you cross one of the more exciting female artists of the 80s with one from the 00s? Neneh Cherry's new one with Robyn, Out Of The Black, has been a bit of a slow burner here in Baron Towers but it's gradually working its way into my brain. It's a pretty stripped back affair and neither artist really unleashes anything like their normal oooomph but that's part of its charm. You can kind of imagine it being recorded on a chilled out afternoon in some low rent studio somewhere, it's got that kind of homespun-ish feel. Anyway, give it a spin/click/whatever.

While we're at it let's dish up a solo classic from each lady too eh? An upbeat one from Ms Cherry and one of the most heartbreakingly sad slices of pop ever recorded from Robyn...

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