Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Statue-mendous...Barnett's back!

George Barnett's one of the few artists I really follow these days and I stick with my belief that he'll be huge. Having already released more great tracks than most 'big name' artists put together in the last couple of years he's back with another top tune, 3 Statues, a brilliant mash up of soul and hip hop beats, with gorgeous flashes of disco and electro thrown into the mix. Away from the music the subject matter seems to a justified pop at some of his celebrity obsessed contemporaries, many of whom probably couldn't even spell the word 'music' let alone write it for themselves. It's a timely reminder - not that we should need reminding - that plenty of younger people are just as repulsed by the selfie-centred culture that seems to be enveloping us these days. When you get two of the supposedly most powerful men on planet earth gurning into a mobile phone it really should be a wake up call n'est ce pas? Somehow I can't imagine Churchill photobombing Harold Wilson can you? Anyway, George Barnett, music for the ass and the mind. Enjoy...hell...why not share it Twitter while you're at it...might as well use it for something useful for a change.

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