Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Supreme Cuts - Divine

If you're in or around London this week pop down to The Old Blue Last on the 20th to catch Supreme Cuts, purveyors of this spiffingly catchy house, hip hop, ragga and anything they want to chuck into the mix track. 

It seems that The Old Blue Last (basically a pub) has just played host to a 'secret' gig from Kylie too, bless 'er. 

These 'secret' gigs seem to be a bit of a 'thing' right now, what with that lovely Prince chappie playing living rooms across the country (not in Birmingham sadly...despite my best efforts). They're obviously great for the lucky few that get to see them but if tales of 'celebs' swanning in to Prince's Ronnie Scott's gig last night, taking the place of fans who'd queued for hours, are to be believed it's a gimmick that's rapidly wearing thin. Ouch. That being said if Prince happens to read this he's still more than welcome to play under my stairs...

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