Thursday, February 06, 2014

Bring Prince to Birmingham!

Okay, the campaign starts here. That lovely Prince chap (or 3rdEyeGirl, the band he's now fronting) has seemingly decamped to London for a bit and is playing gigs pretty much anywhere. Living rooms, bars, telephone boxes...wonderful stuff. When he does charge for entry it's a mere $10 or so (around £6). When he could clearly sell out the O2 for the rest of his days and charge ten times as much you have to give him a virtual high five (although clearly the PR from all this is priceless). Anyway, his plans seem incredibly fluid so I'm throwing out an open invite to him and his peeps.

Here's the Facebook message I posted yesterday:

Dear Prince , yes London's a great city with a rich musical heritage but we'd really love it if you popped up to Birmingham as well. Black Sabbath, Duran Duran, UB40, Steel Pulse, ELO, Editors, Peace, Laura Mvula...all sprang from these streets. We've got some cool venues for you to play too. And we're a pretty friendly, down to earth bunch. We'll even buy you a pint. So, how about it? Lots of love, Birmingham x

Knowing that The Hearing Aid is read by pretty much anyone who's anyone in the music biz...sort of...I'm hoping he'll get the message. Fellow Midlanders can do their bit too by sharing this post, chipping in to the 'Buy Prince a Pint' fund and generally being funky motherhumpers (Prince can smell funky motherhumpers from a good 100 miles away). Any other ideas for encouraging him up here would be more than welcome. Seriously. Anything. Legal or otherwise.

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