Thursday, February 20, 2014

Miss Halliwell...words from the wise

Okay, yet another essential release from Miss Halliwell, this time the first in a planned trilogy (a bit like the Godfather but hopefully without the slightly crap one) of films entitled Brumdemoters. Chapter 1 sees the band playing music from their equally essential recent double album Fresh From The Holy Spring / Gusting Guests (Miles' solo release) available here. Chapter 2's being filmed at've guessed it...essential City Tavern gig on Friday 28th February. Chapter 3 will show Miss Halliwell on stage at the O2 Arena in London showering One Direction fans with offal and deliciously barbed comments. We can but dream. I seldom go balls out and say stupid things like "this is the best band around right now" because after saying that a couple of times about different bands you'd sound like a prize dick. But screw it. Ladies and gentlemen trust me...this is the best band around right now.  

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