Thursday, August 29, 2013

Thomas Dolby's Invisible Lighthouse Tour

When Dolby emigrated to the US in the 90s and invented the Nokia ringtone thingy (as well as developing some fancy pants file format for downloading music) it looked likely that his performing days were over, over here in the UK at least. Happily he's not only back in his homeland he's also touring and releasing new music too, with 2011's A Map Of The Floating City including some truly top notch tracks. Now he's off on a new tour showcasing a film he's made, inspired by his current coastal retreat. Predictably being Dolby there's a bit of a twist and it seems as though he's going to be soundtracking the movie live as it's being shown. This is one of those 'whoops no net' concepts that few performers would even think about attempting but if anyone can pull it off it's this dude. An irresistibly different show from an equally distinctive talent.

PS: Expect to hear all the hits in this show too...stuff like this...

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