Tuesday, August 06, 2013

Layers release debut EP!

The last time I saw Layers live their lead singer was memorably somersaulting through the air in the relatively low ceilinged basement of The Sunflower Lounge...a move that could so easily have resulted in, at best, concussion and at worst complete decapitation (somehow he avoided both). It’s typical of a band that’s willing to take the odd risk or two though, as demonstrated by the last track, Gradually, on their rather fine debut EP (handily also called Layers). Clocking in at nearly 8 minutes it’s a slow burning epic, complete with acapella breaks, lush strings and full on rock outs, a pretty ambitious concoction to attempt for a band barely a year old eh? Elsewhere songs are a little more conventional but no less impressive. Opening number The Walking Dead pummels you into submission from the very first note, Hands recalls some of System Of A Down’s finest moments and Mind On Fire is a pure pedal to the metal head banger. That just leaves Not Enough, one of the best examples of their more funk tinged soulful numbers that perhaps sets them apart from so many of their peers. To celebrate the EP's release Layers are hooking up with Emp!re, Dead Sea Skulls and Mutes for a special gig at the 02 Academy (Birmingham) on Friday 20th September...thankfully the ceiling's a lot higher there so the risk of cranial catastrophe should be pretty minimal. 

Tickets are a bargaintastic £5 and available right here...or perhaps from one of those friendly but ever so slightly dodgy ticket touts who always seem to be outside both the Institute and the Academy every single night...often at the same time. Hmmmm...maybe they've been cloned? 

PS: The EP's out on Till Deaf Do Us Party Records on 16th September. 

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