Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Jon Brookes RIP

Really sad news today about the death of The Charlatans drummer Jon Brookes. Beyond his role in the band he seemed to be an all round good bloke, as evidenced by the tidal wave of overwhelmingly loving comments out there in social media land. 44 really is no age but if you're going to go then how much better it is to leave behind such a positive legacy eh? RIP.


Vix said...

Its knocked Jon for six. Johnny was a lovely bloke and terrifically brave. xxx

The Baron said...

I was thinking of you both, I imagined you were close. Give Jon a big hug from Jo and me. I don't think I ever met him although I did go to some of his nights at The Sound Bar and the One Beat Record days at the MAC. I know a number of people who said what a really great chap he was though and that's not a bad legacy to leave behind. x