Friday, August 16, 2013

The Never Regular New Music Roundup

It’s been so long since I did one of these I feel the need to explain what the heck it is. I get sent a load of emails with new stuff in, I listen to it, I sort the wheat from the chaff (in my own humble opinion of course) and serve it up for your delectation so you can impress your friends with your hipness when this stuff becomes a big hit (or sadly not as the case maybe) in a few months time. Hear/here we go then...

Sharkmuffin – Mermaid Sex Slave

Is it me or has there suddenly been a bit of a surge in all girl/lady/female bands? By this I mean ‘proper’ bands by the way, not generic X Factor style hit machines...bands that play/write/sing their own music. Savages seem to be making the biggest waves at the moment but Sharkmuffin can’t be far behind with their rebooting of late 90s Riot Grrrl garage pop. See also Pins, who bring more of a trippy 60s vibe to proceedings: 

Patterns – Sunny Days 

Okay, this fetish for producing deeply disturbing videos is getting out of hand. What the funk is this all about? Aggghhhhhh!!! You people is sickkkkk. Still, it’s a good tune from Costa Rican synth band (yes, you read that right) Patterns. It’s a bit Friends, a bit CSS, a bit Summer Camp and – if you can blank the video out of your mind with some therapy – ruddy lovely.

Lizzieand the Yes Men – Unstoppable

Sounding not unlike the late lamented Doll & The Kicks in places this track's got a touch of the Joe Meeks about it least to my frazzled ears. A fine vocal from Lizzie (I’m guessing she’s called Lizzie). A real grower as we say in the business (yeah, okay so I’m not in the ‘business’ but I can dream eh?).

Oh dear...there’s no need for this is there? Filth, pure filth. Splutter, splutter...Dear Daily Mail...etc etc. I’m guessing this is actually a devastating critique of the porn culture that seems to be remarkably attractive to some young girls these days, but then again it might just be another big dumb dance ‘banger’ from the ever reliable Kitsune label.

Untitled Musical Project – The People vs Michael Miller

Okay, before anyone points out that this track’s at least 6 years old there’s a reason for its inclusion. UMP have reformed! Hotly tipped for greatness back in the day they split a few years back – unexplained musical differences I’m guessing – but now they’re back, back, BACK to burst eardrums and cause carnage all over again. Just two live dates announced so far (one in London, one in their hometown on Brum) but then, who knows...if there’s any justice in this big, bad old world global domination surely beckons.


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