Monday, April 22, 2013

Thumpers - Unkinder (A Tougher Love)

It's always a little sad when bands you love break up before reaching as many people as they deserve. Over the years my own personal list has grown depressingly lonnnnnnnnnnng, so it's nice when one of them come back for a second bite of the cherry. In this case it's not the full band but two out of three ain't bad. Thumpers are formed from the ashes of early noughties indie poppers Pull Tiger Tail who released some great singles and an album before dissolving in the face of overwhelming indifference. Shame. Here's a taster:

As a band they seem to have suffered more than their fair share of misfortune, with their record label holding their debut album hostage even though it had dropped them...all this coming after an iTunes error kept one of their singles out of the Top 40. Anyway, that was two thirds of them are back as Thumpers and they've not lost their alt pop knack. There's more of a synth vibe this time but I'm a bugger for a bit of synth. Oh yes. It's got a bit of Summertime festival feel too which, after the frankly wrist slitting Winter, is particularly welcome. Enjoy.

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