Friday, April 12, 2013

Goodnight Lenin tread the boards...

What's this? Goodnight Lenin at The Old Rep? Fear not dear readers, they've not jacked in the music for a career as thesps (although anyone who saw that nice Mr Fell on telly the other day might not be surprised if Hollywood came a calling...Die Hard 6 anyone?), nope, instead they're playing an exclusive pre-Glasto show in a venue that's pretty much the direct opposite of a muddy field in Somerset. You know the drill by now, Lenin shows sell out and this one's an all seater affair so they'll be no sneaking in under Sam's hair. Support comes from Howie Payne (ex-The Stands man) too. Get in.

Here's a neat vid of the Lenin at Moseley Folk last the sunshine...remember that? Ahhh happy days.

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