Wednesday, April 10, 2013 jacket required

Some years ago I had high hopes for a band called Bromheads Jacket. As so often tends to happen to bands I have high hopes for they sort of split up soon afterwards...well, one of the band left anyway. Musical differences no doubt. You can’t keep a good band down however and they soon mutated into Bromheads, dropping the Jacket bit for some reason. Much of their recent output has passed me by (I was probably watching videos of break dancing kittens or something) but now they’re off on tour again and it seems like the perfect opportunity to catch up with 'em. Musically they were a little like a rawer, southern version of the Arctic Monkeys back in the day, cop a load of this and you’ll see what I mean:

In the intervening years (judging by recent photos and videos) they’ve got a little hairier (haven’t we all my dears?) but, as recent single Gonna Let You Melt shows, they’ve not lost their knack for slamming together a catchy tune with a riotous noise. I do love a good riotous noise don’t you? Oh yes. See you what if’s and maybe’s...

Bromheads play The Rainbow, Digbeth on Monday 15th April. It's the first night of their UK tour and the day their new album comes out too. Lashing of ginger beer all round then eh? Tickets from our good chums at Birmingham Promoters

PS: Apologies for the dreadful Phil Collins related pun in post title. I'm a sick puppy. 

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