Thursday, April 25, 2013

Bibio - À tout à l'heure

Loving this track at the moment. It's receiving plenty of play from the lovely 6 Music massive and could well be one of those tunes of the Summer, you know the sort of thing...the one track that just seems to sum up an entire season...the song that always seems to be playing somewhere...festivals, back gardens...probation centres. The dude behind, Bibio, is a local lad too (local to me anyway), all the way from sunny Wolverhampton. It seems that he's been releasing stuff since 2005 so there's another back catalogue to dig into. Oh what a trauma. 

In other news I spent another happy afternoon in Swordfish Records last Saturday, national Record Store Day, and caught a set from fellow Bearwoodian David Garside. He played a neat acoustic version of this song but the acid jazz tinged album version's a beaut...

Oh...and because I'm feeling all Summery here's The Undertones. Screw you Winter. 

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