Friday, November 30, 2012

The Smaller Than Usual Semi Regular New Music Roundup thingy – 30th November 2012

Just time for a trio of new tracks this week, I blame the weather. It’s darn cold up here in my Gimp Loft. First up sexy ladies (Eli and Fur) playing some dirty electro...or vice versa. The choice is yours.  

Next London trio Elephant 12 channel the spirit of Rage Against The Machine in the kind of track you want to play in your office at full blast on a Monday morning but don’t have the balls to. Not unless you’ve won the lottery at the weekend that is...or unless it’s your own office I guess. In which case you could probably dance around naked with a Barbie doll up your ass and no one could do a darn thing.  

NB: Can't embed this track for some reason but here's the link. You're welcome...

Last up some breathy psych pop from Railbird, sounds a little like Kate Bush getting it on with Yeasayer...and that’s good enough for me.

Ta ra m’luvvers! x

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