Friday, November 23, 2012

The Semi Regular New Music Roundup Thingy – w/e 23rd November

There’s an insect crawling across my screen. WTF? Shouldn’t they all be dead by now? I have enough trouble surviving the winter and I’ve got woolly things to wear and hot drinks and stuff. Maybe he’s (I’m assuming it’s a ‘he’, it looks like a ‘he’) come to check out this week’s new music thingy eh? Right, let’s see what he makes of this, Glitch from fuzzy luvvy Graham Coxon approved posters The History of Apple Pie.

Hmmm...he’s still crawling, do insects dance? Bees do don’t they? This ain’t a bee though. Not sure what it is. Anyway, let’s try this on him, an electro goth  protest song about female circumcision (seriously...) from Ulterior. Sounds a bit like Carter USM in a really, really bad mood. 

Imagine Cornershop getting jiggy with classic era Jackson 5 and Laurence from Felt’s follow up project Denim...the results would possibly sound like this frankly grin inducing new single from Brum’s very own TheVoluntary Butler Scheme. What is it with Birmingham at the moment...we seem to be on a bit of a roll right now. Even the insect liked this one...I can see him shaking his little insect butt now. Awww...bless...

Scuzzy surf pop anyone? Check out French Films’ Convict, purpose built for cruising down Californian beach fronts looking all cool and indie-ish. Pity I’m stuck in Birmingham then eh?

Oooooh this is good too, at least it is if you like a little Hall and Oates style glossy 80’s pop courtesy of Night Works If you don’t then you’re probably better off sticking knitting needles in your ears. Not recommended but hey, it’s a free world right?

Right, that’s it for another week. Judging by the insect the pick of this week’s tracks was The Voluntary Butler Scheme. Good choice. Maybe we should put it in charge of the Country? Couldn’t do a worse job eh? 

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