Friday, November 02, 2012

Black Tableaux EP by Greg Bird and Flamingo Flame

Ex Sunset Cinema Club dude Greg Bird continues his creative rebirth with the release of a brand new EP...the slightly gothic sounding Black Tableaux. If you’re expecting a set of Sisters Of Mercy covers though you’re out of luck though, although GBFF do hark back to a similar time in music, albeit at the opposite end of the genre spectrum. Yes, there’s a distinct late 80s / early 90s feel to most of these 7 tracks, with huge great slabs of old skool house and dance beats. Imagine Wild Beasts hitting the clubs of Chicago or beaches of Ibiza c. 1987...with Prince...and that might give you some idea of the sound.  Over the top of it you’ve got Greg himself breathily whispering lines like a man in the throes of passion. In fact listening to the whole EP back to back is a little like having Greg gently nibbling your ear lobes in a nightclub...which is a good enough reason to give it a listen if you ask me. When was the last time anyone nibbled your ear lobes in a nightclub eh? Exactly. There’s some really great stuff on here, from the shimmering opening track Blackest Night right through to the early era New Order-ish Tear It Up, Terry Down via the Vogue-tastic Animals and on to the frankly crotch moistening KYS (Kiss Your Soul Pt1). How this sprang from the grey old streets of recession hit Brum beats me but I’m bloody glad it has. Flaming brilliant.    

Black Tableaux is out on the legendary Speech Fewapy Wecords...sorry..Records on November 5th. 

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