Thursday, November 01, 2012

Semi Regular New Music Roundup

Another week another new music roundup. Okay, so I missed last week but I had man flu. Terrible business. I’m still suffering. Yes, I know. Send me some chicken soup or something. Drugs...send me drugs...crack, MDMA, ‘shrooms...all donations gratefully consumed. Anyway, on with platters that matter...oh good grief...see? I’m not well.

I do love a good “motherfucker” or two in a track and this one’s got a fair few of ‘em. Transgender rapper (now there’s a narrow field) Mykki Blanco's the kind of bloke / bird you want to go out on the lash with. Okay so you’re liable to wake up with a tattoo of his face on your ass and a limb missing but hell, it would be a great night eh? The track? Oh right, nearly forgot. It’s a sparse electro beat bastard upon which Ms Blanco raps like a trannie with tourettes. Works for me...

Good grief, releases for 2013 are already streaming in. Tempus fugit eh? Here’s one worth looking to forward to from fuzzy pop tarts The History Of Apple Pie. That shoegazey revival thang’s clearly here to stay...

Taking the old slow burn approach octect Dingus Khan’s new single takes a good two minutes to get anywhere. When it does it’s worth the wait though thanks to its delightfully ramshackle cut price Polyphonic Spree vibe.

Let’s face it, some bands are just cool okay. Parakeet are cool with a kapital K. Punky indie pop that’ll smash you in the face then kiss it all better.

What happens if you can’t decide what musical direction to take on your new single? Take six all on the same song.  That’s what Bo Keeney’s done and, somewhat surprisingly, it’s a bit of a grower.

Imagine if Prince had joined Heaven 17 back in 1981, Solomon Grey’s Firechild is what it might’ve sounded like.

Okay that’s enough new stuff for now, don’t want to spoil our appetites do we eh? Ciao! x

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