Friday, March 02, 2012

New month, new some old music too...

Blimey. March already. Soon be Christmas. Ho ho ho. Before kicking off with the new stuff how about an oldie in tribute to the recently departed Davy Jones eh? The TV show that spawned The Monkees was shown a lot in the 70’s and 80’s so I kind of grew up with it, not really realising at the time that it was already a decade or two old. Ahhh the innocence of youth...

Spiky, spunky Anglo new wave from Canadian trio Cygnets. ‘Swans’ to watch I reckon...oh my aching sides. I’m available for parties you know. The press release thingy says that their new album dark Days will be out on 6th March and available Yep, free. Hurrah!

The Naim Jazz label continues to release some of the more interesting new tunes around, this time with Get The Blessing’s new one, the saxtastic OCDC. Niiiiiiice.Interesting fact of the day # 1: The band features Portishead’s Clive Dreamer and Jim Barr.

Next up a delightfully off kilter slice of 80’s indie style break-up pop from Summer Camp. Play this to your other half and they’ll soon get the message. The single’s out on March 19th and the band hits the road on the 13th.

Just in time for Mother’s Day Girls release My Ma, a beautifully low key twangy Cat Power-ish track that’ll lodge itself firmly in your brain after the first listen. Bootiful.

Finally, he writes the tracks, he plays all the instruments, he produces the whole shebang and he's just discovered the secret to perpetual motion...yes, it's the multi-multi talented George Barnett. Saw this dude last month. He's seriously impressive live and this track, Lone Rose, was one of the highlights. Lovely stuff.

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