Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Boulet vous

Heads up hipsters. Sydney’s Jonathan Boulet (big shout out to my homies MC Deaki and DJ Robbie S) unleashes his new album in June and here’s a taster to whet your delightfully tasteful musical tastebuds. Tasty. If you’ve got a moment (I know you have...your boss is having an affair with the water bottle delivery man and he’s out back supervising I can heartily recommend checking out Mr Boulet’s previous stuff too, ranging from MGMT / Empire Of The Sun tinged bliss outs to more of a Radiohead-ish vibe. Lovin’ the more tribal thrash direction of Trounce though...

We Keep The Beat, Found The Sea, See The Need, Start The Heart (catchy title eh)is out on Modular Records on June 8th (Australia), 10th (UK and Europe) and 12th (US).

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