Friday, March 16, 2012

The Semi Regular New Music Roundup Thingy

Hola! I'm ashamed to say that my in box of tooooooons has swelled to such an alarming extent that it’s threatening to take down the entire interweb. Oh well, we all managed perfectly fine before all this technology stuff so I’m sure we’ll be okay when t’web implodes. In an effort to reduce the swelling (Oooooer matron, look at the size of my sausage etc etc)here's this week's pick of the pops.

First up, Simian Mobile Disco, with a decidedly downbeat, shades of old skool Chicago house style tune, Seraphim. Takes a few listens but it’s a grower. Just the track to drop at 3am when everyone’s feeling tired and emotional. It’s out on April 9th on Wichita Records.

I love this, as much for the video as for the tune. More dancing in public that’s what I say. A meaty, beaty big and bouncy slab of good times hip hoppity. The Around The Block EP from Featurecast is out on 26 March on Jalapéno Records.

Superstar DJ Michael Canitrot releases his Playboy Sessions Paris double album on 9th April on Defected Records. As you’d expect it’s the normal quality mix of hands in the air tunes. Here’s a

The mighty and vastly underrated O.Children return with a new album Apnea on 28th May. It turns out that lead singer, the unfeasibly tall Tobi O’Kandi, has been embroiled in a nasty deportation battle. So we can deport talented artists who’ve lived here for years but we can’t get rid of psychotic terrorists hellbent on blowing us all into little pieces eh? Hmmmm. Anyway here’s another slab of fine goth tinged rock from the new album for us all to ponder this injustice over.

MGMT meets Soft Cell, yep, here’s Rainbounce from Reptar, allegedly one of the most talked about bands at SXSW last year...and this one too. Bonkers but brilliant psychdancepop. The EP’s out on April 21st on Lucky Number Records.

Reptar - Rainbounce from Lucky Number Music on Vimeo.

Righty ho, it’s nearly the weekend now so how about a mixtape from Little Boots eh? Don’t mind if I the mixed up version of Roxy’s Love Is The Drug 12 minutes or so into it all.

Finally a local (to me at least) artist, Becky Rose, with the frankly ass shaking electro banger Filthy. Play it LOUD...the neighbours/boss/prison guards (I know my demographic) won't mind.


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