Wednesday, February 29, 2012

God Damn...damn good

Oooooooh this is good. Damn good. Six legged Black Country blues grungesters God Damn unleash their debut 7 inch single (that’s what we like to see, keepin’ it old skool) with a special launch show at The Numa Bar (Little Civic) on March 17th. Cunningly titled God Damn it lures you in with some neat scuzzy guitar and pounding drums before unleashing some truly testifying vocals, neatly blending Sabbath worthy riffs with a little prog/grunge guitar noodling and filthy feedback to create the kind of track Josh Homme would give up his motorcycle collection for...and that’s some collection he’s got there. It’s the sort of tune that makes you want to rip out your small intestine and play it like a guitar. It’s the soundtrack you want playing when you quit your job and run off to become a mercenary. And it’s currently one of the most listened to tracks on Satan’s very one iPod. Fact. Hell yeah!

God Damn is out on limited edition vinyl through Distorted Tapes and the band’ll be tearing a new roof off the Numa Bar on March 17th.

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