Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Now We Are Weekender...indie pop a go go

I do love the smaller festivals and if the death (temporary or permanent) of The Big Chill is another sign of the public's fatigue with the MEGAFESTS then so be it. This year there's a fine looking local (Midlands local) addition to the early festival season in the shape of the Now We Are Weekender.

Taking place over the weekend of the 7th & 8th April (so it's indoors...thank the lord) at West Brom's The Public Arts Centre it's an indie pop fan's wet dream, featuring as it does Misty's Big Adventure, Art Brut, The Lovely Eggs (any band with John Shuttleworth in the video - see above - gets my vote), The Bombergs and loads of other bands that'll earn you at least 1000 cool points down the wine bar/pub/bus shelter/wherever it is that you hang out.

Tickets for the whole ruddy weekend are a very reasonable recession busting £15 or a tenner for the first 50 early birds...blimey.


Sailor Annie said...

Not only indoors, but even better, proper toilets!

I notice that on the webpage some-one has questioned the wisdom of running it on Easter weekend when public transport (at least on the Sunday) will be rubbish and people will have family commitments etc.

Even so, it's fantatic value for money, and the Saturday line-up particularly appeals to me, so I'm going to try to get along on that day at least.

The Baron said...

Wise words. I'll keep in the festival spirit by weeing in a bush though...might even take my own.