Tuesday, February 28, 2012

The almost regular weekly new music roundup thingy

I’m still feeling a bit delicate after the frankly apocalyptic Pulled Apart By Horses show from last Monday night, so I nice slice of country soul from Phantom Limb’s just what Doctor Music ordered. Wow, imagine if there really was a ‘Doctor Music’ eh? I reckon a good dose of music would do much more good than most of the pills, creams and...er...suppositories prescribed. Conversely certain types of music (and their originators) would be much better off shoved where the sun don’t shine rather than inflicted on the general public.

Anyway...ahem... let’s forget about shoving anything up your bum and listen instead to Phantom Limb’s Gravy Train, a fine soulful slice of country.

Sticking with a bit of a coutry-ish twang here’s Brother from The War On Drugs, Dylan-esque vocals soundtrack a distinctly dark and disturbing video. Trust me, it’s a grower.

Blimey, who’s been putting stuff in Paul Weller’s Horlick’s eh? After, in my humble opinion, one dull record after another, Mr W seems to have got his mojo back. 2010’s Wake Up The Nation was a blast of fresh air and now he’s ‘at a dangerous age’ he’s pulled out his best single in years, with enough of a nod back to his mod origins to keep the diehards happy but also with a distinctly ‘now’ twist.

Next up Aussie experimentalists Pond have just released this rather fine trippy piece of dreamy psych...stick with it...it goes nicely bonkers towards the end...oh...and stay off the brown acid maaaaan.

Wow...is that The Professor from Mamas Gun? Yep. One of the nicest blokes in music (or anywhere for that matter) in his other role as part of the Neil Cowley Trio. This track reminds me of a more mental version of the kind of cool, hip and happening tunes that Vince Guaraldi lay down for those Charlie Brown cartoons in the ‘60’s. Cooooooooooooooooool.

And last, but by no means least, Goodnight Lenin (currently on tour with the bewitching Beth Jeans Houghton and the Hooves of Destiny, have just released the vid for their classic Wenceslas Square track. It’s totally yummy. TOTALLY.

Goodnight Lenin - Wenceslas Square from Prime Objective on Vimeo.

PS: You can catch both the Lenin and the Houghton at the Hare & Hounds next Wednesday 29th February. Leap year-tastic.

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