Friday, January 13, 2012

Wanna be Sartain something...

Yep, Hearing Aid favourite Dan Sartain's back with a brand new album, Too Tough To Live, and it's all a bit of a departure really, being head bangingly, spit in the eye, hammer a knitting needle through your head punkier than most of his previous stuff. With few tracks making it past the two minute mark there's no excess fat or piffle here, just Ramones-tastic bounce up and down loveliness. As an added bonus he's looked up (not literally...that's his gynaecologist brother, Jim Sartain's job) ex Go-Gos member Jane Wieldin to duet with. Suitably enough, today being Friday, there's also a neat little ditty called Fuck Friday too. Here's a live version from his 2011 UK tour...possibly recorded on a Friday. Hell yeah!

Too Tough To Live is out on One Little Indian on 30th January

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