Friday, January 27, 2012

Listen up...

Time for a few more tracks currently getting a spin at Hearing Aid Mansions and this week's selection's a real kick in the teeth for anyone who keeps trotting out all that guff about how music was "better in my day". With the exception of the mighty, mighty Classix Nouveaux that's complete cobblers of course. Check this out...and yes, it is the scary bald man singing all the high bits too.

Anyway, back to the future. First up, The Cast Of Cheers. Sadly there's no Frasier Crane in the line up, instead you've got one glorious mash up of Battles, first album era Foals and a little early XTC (one for all the granddads out there). Top marks for the simple (but no doubt monumentally time consuming) vid too.

Next up, the new sound of Scotland (well, one of them is from Scotland at least), Django Django. With bits that sound like a robot having an epileptic fit, bits that sound like the Kings of Leon having a warm up and the kind of catchiness that should frankly be illegal (you'll have kids gathering in parks listening to this rather than downing gallons of White Lightening, you mark my words) it's as good a reason as any for stopping the devolution.

London's We Have Band have been floating around for a while now(makes them sound like pooh...they're not...honest)but with new single Where Are Your People coming off like Depeche Mode getting it on with Bronski Beat I reckon their time has come brothers and sisters.

I've only just come across this one, Trogons...Contina, it's been out a few months but given its distinctly '60's vibe (shades of the B52's too) I guess timing ain't an issue right?

Last up, The Phenomenal Handclap Band with their particular brand of twisted disco.Studio 54 meets Sun Ra...sort of.

PS: Just in case you're the only person who hasn't seen this Ferris Bueller teaser yet relax, it seems as though it's just going to be a commercial or something super lame like that. Arse.

I reckon the world really needs Ferris Bueller's Next Day Off though. Can't you just see Ferris with two ex wives, five kids and a prostate problem desperate to escape some some dead end office job? Hmmmm...just me then. Oh well we'll always have the original...


Sailor Annie said...

Like the Trogons track, and the other one they've got up on their website. Bit of a mysterious bunch though....
Be keeping an ear out for The Cast of Cheers too.

Bad news about Ferris Buller - how very dare they!

The Baron said...

Oooooooh I do like a bit of mystery! There's some good stuff around right now, loving Team Me, The Cast of Cheers, M83, Django Django, Howler, Lana Del much music so little time. Ahhhh. Yep, I agree on Ferris Bueller. Unforgivable! I believe it's an ad for Honda. Pah!As if Ferris would ever drive anything less than a Ferrari eh?