Friday, January 20, 2012

Fierce Festival 2011 – Felix and the Machine(s)

Felix's Machines from Felix Thorn on Vimeo.

April sees another Fierce Festival in Birmingham and one thing that’s already caught my eye/ear is the frankly magical Felix’s Machines, music making sculptures straight out of some kind of dreamy fairy tale. Just beautiful. Isn’t this one of the most amazing music related videos you’ve seen in a while? Felix and his machines can be seen at the Birmingham Symphony Hall on Saturday 7th April as part of its 21st birthday celebrations. Awww bless, will there be cake? And goody bags? And pass the parcel? Awwww go on. Anyway, the Fierce Festival itself runs from 28th March – 8th April. Details here.

PS: Sad news about the cancellation (and end of?) The Big Chill Festival. I only made it to three of them (one pre takeover by Festival Republic and two after) but thoroughly enjoyed them all...even if the 2011 bill was perhaps geared to a more commercial market. Shame though...perhaps the era of the big festivals is slowly coming to an end? What’ll they do with all those portaloos eh? Make nice homes for first time buyers perhaps?

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