Tuesday, October 18, 2011

This is the resurrection...

So, The Stone Roses are back! I guess how you feel about this depends on your age. For anyone who was around and interested in music back in the early 90's it's probably a pretty big deal.I Am The Resurrection remains one of my favourite tracks of all time, mainly down to that ruddy funky break just before the 4 minute mark before the whole track drifts off into mind melting 60's meets 90's workout. Just glorious.

On top of a pension busting world tour they're promising new material as well. Should be interesting. When they split up there was a general feeling that they'd blown it, big time, let's hope they get it right on their third coming eh? In the meantime dust off your baggy jeans, dig out your Reni hat and cop a listen to 8 minutes and 15 seconds of musical...ahem...ecstasy.

PS: Confirmed dates include Manchester's Heaton Park, 29th and 30th June. Ebay ticket touts must be creaming their grubby little selves already.

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