Monday, October 03, 2011

Back to the 80's with Force Majeure

After hitting you up with some new music last week let’s turn the clock back a quarter of a century or so with this little know gem (hey, I love the 80’s...I can't help it) from Bristol’s Force Majeure. Released in 1984 it’s one of the most 80’s tracks I’ve ever heard, cramming in drum machines, synths and some of that poodle hair rock guitar that was massive back in the day. I love it. Seriously. Why the hell wasn't this on the Karate Kid soundtrack eh? What makes it even better is the (recent) video that goes with it, an emotive series of grainy photos of the band playing live, on tour, mucking about... for anyone over the age of 40 it’s a real nostalgia trip, if you’re a little younger this is what your parents used to get up to...

The band itself was from Bristol and formed in 1983 (from the ashes of a post punk group, The Agents), before disbanding (no doubt in a blaze of hairspray) in 1989. By the looks of some of the photos they seem to have had a decent enough following for a while and were signed to Hansa, Japan’s record label. According to Wikipedia they were even guided by Howard Jones’ management for a while too. Brilliant, how ‘80’s can you get? Anyway I’ve been listening to this track on repeat for around an hour, so now it’s your turn. I warn you though, it's seriously addictive. Enjoy.

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