Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Mo’ new music

In a distinctly unusual, ‘keeping to my promises’ shocker, here’s another batch of new music coming out over the next few weeks. Share the love people, share the love...

First up, seemingly less of a new band, more a’s Metamono. Consisting of Paul Conby (Bomb The Bass), Jono Podmore (The Shamen) and ‘fine artist’ Mark Hill they’ve produced this handy little video to fill you in on

Musically it sounds like a bizarre experiment between the BBC Radiophonic Workshop, early Human League and one of them Krautrock bands. Depending on who you are this will either get you slightly moist or send you off to the shed to sand off your ears. Anyway, they’ve called it ‘analogue technopop’. Easy listening it ain’t, but if you fancy a soundtrack to your complete mental disintegration I can heartily recommend it.

METAMONO - TAPE EP from Metamono on Vimeo.

Next, and somewhat less challenging, it’s ex Zero 7 songstress Sophie Barker with a suitably autumnal take on The Cure’s A Forest.

Sophie Barker - A Forest by Cannonball_PR

‘Delay soaked pop’ (that’s what it says on the press release) anyone? Edinburgh’s PET release their second single Middle Child Syndrome on 7th November and it’s a bit of an angsty cracker. Booming drums, wailing backing vocals and an anguished lead wrapped up in a bit of a 60’s psych anthem. Ace. It’s backed by a broodingly sludgy cover of Shocking Blue’s Love Buzz (as covered by Nirvana) that should give old grunge heads an aneurism too.

I’m just loving this right now. The Bandana Splits. Ricky Dee. Doo Wop girl band heaven. How cute is this?

I can’t find a ‘proper’ video for this White Denim track but this isn’t a bad live version...if you can excuse the slightly shaky camera work...but I’m guessing the dude shooting it wasn’t meant to be...

Finally it’s From The Kites of San Quentin (seriously...where do they get these names from?) a Mancunian collective with a bit of a Portishead/Moloko/ Massive Attack thing going on. Their Mitochondria EP is out on 11th November but i’m streaming the bejesus out of it right now. Lead track Stoopid does a particularly good job of mashing up old and new skool flavas (I’m sooooo street it hurts) with a bit of a late 90’s meets 2011 dubstep vibe. Here’s an ancient video of the band to whet your appetite.

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