Thursday, October 06, 2011

Sweet Sweet Lies – No One Will Love You (Like I Do)

Like a bit of the old chamber pop eh? Chances are you’ll love Brighton based Sweet Sweet Lies then. The band release their second single, a rather lovely hybrid of The Divine Comedy meets Devotchka, No One Will Love You (Like I Do) on October 31st (through Something Nothing Records) and it’s accompanied by this rather sweet little video. More waltzing in pop that's what I say. Never mind getting your kit off in fields and scaring the bejesus out of little old Irish farmers Miss Rhianononon, strap yourself into a big fluffy dress and get waltzing m'luv. So much classier. Anyway, while you’re at it why not check out another of their tracks too, The Day I Change, a little darker but still rather gorgeous.

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