Wednesday, June 08, 2011

The Young Runaways...your chance to get Closer

The Young Runaways release their beautiful brand new single ‘Closer’ on the 15th June and, being the generous souls they are, they’re celebrating by playing a free gig at Birmingham’s legendary Yardbird on the very same day. You don’t get Lady Gaga doing that do you eh? Keen to break with convention the accompanying vid for the single was recorded live too. “We’re not big fans of miming” explains singer Matt, “even for the purposes of filming - playing live makes it more real and exciting and hopefully that will come across not just in the video but in everything we do.” It does too. Currently winning fans all over the shop (me included) they're a joy to watch, blending folk, rock and a little bit of indie spunk (hmmm...messy) with some lush orchestral flourishes.

Closer is out on Commercially Inviable Records on 15th June.

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René said...

Hi there, we're playing at The Yardbird this Friday 29th July. Would love to hear your thoughts on our set if you're around? Ta!