Monday, June 27, 2011

Fest of the week - Mostly Jazz

Well that’s Glasto over for another year...actually make that two. They’re having a year off in 2012 to allow the cows to recover from the horror that is Coldplay. If that don’t make yer milk curdle I don’t know what will. Whilst I failed to make it to Worthy Farm this year, this week I’ll be heading off to the infinitely more civilised Mostly Jazz Festival in Moseley (tickets here for a mere £77 for the whole three days). Compared to Glasto it’s as intimate as sharing a sleeping bag with the cast of Glee...only a lot more enjoyable...I imagine...never shared a sleeping bag with the cast of Glee but I'm up for it if they are. Anyway, Mostly Jazz has a cracking line up of big names (Booker T, Alice Russell, Matthew Herbert, Gilles Peterson) and lesser known treats like these dudes...The Paris 1940's...who cover all manner of tracks in a jazz stylee. Wonder what Lemmy makes of their version of The Ace Of Spades eh?

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