Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Ladi6 – The Liberation of...

Coming straightoutta Christchurch, New Zealand, soulful Samoan hip hop diva Ladi6 unleashes her new album The Liberation of... With a CV that already boasts support slots for the late, great Gil-Scott Heron, tours with Fat Freddy’s Drop and Shapeshifter and a US award for Best International Song (as voted for by Tom Waits no less) she’s already something of a superstar in her native country but, I’m guessing, still a pretty new discovery over here. Coming off a little like a harder edged Erykah Badu in places this, her second solo album, has a jazzy funky vibe, lyrically rich and stuffed full of enough beats to get even the slackest ass in the groove. From the happy clappy opener Bang Bang through to the more experimental closing number Squid (replete with squelchy synths and sci fi sound effects) it’s an impressive collection of tracks that kicks a load of the female artists we’re currently being force fed (Nichole Scherzinger...purlease) right into touch. Throughout the album you get the feeling that this Ladi’s ‘4 Real’ and in a world full of hip hop poseurs and fakes that’s a refreshing change. Take one of the album’s key tracks ‘98 Til Now’ for instance, a blistering declaration of independence that sums up her 13...13!...years in the game. Yep, she’s sure put in the hours and this album’s the best possible ‘fuck you’ to anyone who’s ever doubted her. The Ladi is a champ.

The Liberation of...is out on Question Music on 8th August and you can catch Ladi6 live at the equally awesome Big Chill Festival 4th-7th August.

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