Saturday, June 18, 2011

Off The Cuff’s gonna to get messy...

...and why the hell not eh? Off The Cuff (22nd-24th July) packs more brain splintering, hair raising, lose-yerself-in-a-pant-wettingly-awesome-moment-of-joy new music into three days than most sane people can stand. But then if you were sane you wouldn’t still be reading this would you? You’d be on, or something equally scintillating. Anywho, back to Off The Cuff, and this year they’ve landed three cracking headliners with Johnny Foreigner on Friday, DD/MM/YYYY on Saturday and Dananananaykroyd (are there enough 'ana's in there?) on Sunday. Other goodies include Tubelord, Romans, &U&I, The Computers, Victories At's all being held in the legendary Flapper too (check out their flash new website!)...oh my.

Unsurprisingly the three day weekend tickets have all gone, but if you pull your finger out (of wherever you might have it...I don't want to think about that, thank you very much) you might be able to buy some day tickets. Well...what are you waiting for?

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