Thursday, September 30, 2010

Tom Peel “Triple Click It” EP

I love Tom Peel. On the few occasions I’ve seen him live he’s never failed to keep me entertained from start to finish. The last time I saw him he had a giant reel to reel tape recorder round his neck...not in an ironic Flavor Flav tribute (although how cool would that be?)...nope...he was using it to perform one of his tracks (‘When I Die’) during Speech Fewapy’s Record Day showcase at Swordfish. By a spooky coincidence it’s on his frankly essential new EP too. How’s it best described? Quirky, anti-folk for folk who know good shit. That’s you right? ‘When I die’ is a real stew of a track, cello, clarinet, old skool electro bleeps, bontempi organ noises, samples of middle eastern music and goodness knows what else. On top of all this Tom ponders the nature of ‘celebrity’ and, judging by the lyrics, it’s aimed squarely at the Jordan’s of this world. Genius.

Then there’s the suitably stripped back luddites anthem “My Computer’s Outdated”, a touchingly offbeat lovesong to his girlfriend ‘94 Percent’ (a much better choice for your wedding tune than Celine frickin Dion)and the ramshackle singalong of ‘Villa Street Soap Opera’. It’s worth a fiver of anyone’s money, but you know what? He – and the lovely folk at Speech Fewapy Records – are giving it away for free right here. FREE! Tom being Tom there’s a little game involved in order to get it, but if I can work it out then so can you.

Trust me, it’s worth it. It’ll make your day 94 percent the very least.

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