Friday, September 10, 2010

Goodluck Jonathan – ‘This Is Our Way Out’

Goodluck Jonathan - Broken Heart from Cannonball PR on Vimeo.

Band names. Tricky buggers. Get it right and it just seems to capture what you’re all about. Fame and fortune follows effortlessly (sometimes). Get it wrong and, well, it’s back to the call centre with you. Trading under the unlikely moniker of Goodluck Jonathan (that’s the name of the current Nigerian Prime Minister right? Whatever next, The David Cameron Experience?) this lot are the latest in a long line of twitchy indie bands with a bit of a crush on Foals, Editors and, more recently, These New Puritans (now that’s a suitably pretentious band name n’est ce pas?). If that sounds dismissive it’s not meant to be. As influences go I’d far rather hear this sort of stuff than lumpy lad rock, sappy pop rap or the latest evacuation from Cowell’s bowels any day.

‘This is Our Way Out’ appears to be the first in a series of three EP’s from the band and it opens encouragingly with ‘Bruises Disappear’ a broodingly intense slab of math rock that really bursts into life in the chorus, setting the template for much of what’s to come. ‘Stranded’ is, musically at least, the lightest track on offer here, with more of an Editors-ish feel to it. Next there’s the undisputed star of the show, ‘Broken Heart’ (you can watch the video above you lucky people). Again there’s plenty of that angsty stuff going on, but when it kicks off...well it really kicks off. I’ve not seen them live yet but I’m guessing this is one of their BIG numbers (you know, the one where all the kids stop just nodding their heads and start leaping about like loons). The pounding drums and quiet/loud/quiet song structure seems to capture Goodluck Jonathan’s strengths the best (NME has called them math rock n’roll...but then again NME is a steaming pile of horse turd these days), giving their singer the chance to well and truly let rip in the chorus. The EP finishes off with ‘Light Burn My Eyes’. By now you know what to expect and it doesn’t disappoint. After a good few listens the EP’s catchier moments have seeped into my brain and if they can sound this powerful in a live show they might not need too much luck after all...

Goodluck Jonathan’s ‘This Is Our Way Out’ EP is out on 13th September 2010 on Something / Nothing

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