Friday, September 10, 2010

The Destroyers - 'Where Has The Money Gone?'

It's a good question. Where did the money go eh? Still it's good to know that the complete bankers that got us all in this mess have been made to pay for being, at best,totally useless and (more likely) criminally corrupt. What's that? Oh. You're right. They haven't have they. Still at least we're all here to bail them out. Goodbye pension, so long healthcare, ta ra education, laters arts funding, adieu defence. Just as long as the pigs at the trough can carrying on stuffing themselves who cares right? It's against this frankly bizarre backdrop - huge corporations bankrupt the planet and the public pay the price - that The Destroyers release their latest video (cheers to Pete Ashton for the tip off). It actually captures the spirit of the band (which aint't easy)better than any of their previous efforts and sees their lead vocalist, Mr Paul Murphy, in fine venom spitting form. Enjoy.

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