Monday, January 14, 2008

Yo, yo, yo...

Okay, here's another one for you. Yo Majesty. I got to love the Majesty last year thanks to our friends at the mighty Pig Radio via some live versh of their 'Club Action' track ('fuck dat shit' indeed). I'd kind of forgotten how much I loved it until seeing them mentioned in yet another one of those bands to watch in 2008 features (I remain the only person to big up the Sparks...ha!). Anyway, what are they like? Well, kind of old skool female rap, clear ESG influences here and there, more than a dash of Salt-n-Pepa and snatches of Prince (with a track called Kryptonite Pussy perhaps 'snatches' isn't the best word to use...but then again...). It's all winningly homespun in places, sounds a bit like they recorded bits in their bedrooms late one night after, no doubt, some gin and juice. You can't beat a bit of gin and juice can you eh? Oozing sex (hmmm again not the best choice of don't want your sex to be oozing do you? Spurting maybe, but not oozing...), attitude and a nice slice of humour on the side (check out Leather Jacket) they'll give Missy a run for her money (and quite possibly put several bra manufacturers out of business). Yo and have a listen...(clever eh? No, you're right...)

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