Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Stars / Apostle of Hustle / Destroy Cowboy Birmingham Barfly Monday 28th January 2008

I really like the Barfly as a venue. It always feels like you're going somewhere. Deep down into the belly of some old warship or something. Which is perhaps appropriate given the sonic missiles (you can see where I'm going with this right?) fired at us by Destroy Cowboy. Another strong set by DC (no 'Hey' this hiss...but a stunning 1000 Candles) with a level of attack and power that topped the previous gigs I've seen them play. DC don't take the easy route, which shows a level of ambition that all too few bands have these days. Most telling of all is that they were right up there with both touring bands in terms of performance, material and sound quality. Cowboys by name, professionals by nature (this is what NME is missing by not snapping me up you see...).

On then to Apostle of Hustle part of the sprawling Canadian 'Broken Social Scene' (lead singer is BSS's lead guitarist I think...I'm not sure...the Scene is all broken up and shit you know...). Really liked this lot. Nuts, but good with it. Shades of Zappa in places, mixed with a bit of Foals and a touch of Vampire Weekend. So Jazz tinged Math rock Afro beat then. I particularly loved the Eazy-E tribute song.

Somewhat lacking in songs to dead rappers, but with more than their fair share of lush, melodramatic, Postfab Sprout-ish (cos' they came after Prefab Sprout right?) songs of love, loss and everything in between came the mighty Stars. Opening with your most famous song (Ageless Beauty) is always a brave move but Stars carried it off with another beautiful set played with the same passion and honesty that I saw last year. When an 11pm curfew finished the gig early the band promised to play on outside in the car park...they did too, delivering a couple of acoustic numbers surrounded by die hard fans (they all wore string vests and kept shouting yippekyaaahmotherfucka) singing along in perfect harmony. Simply delish.
PS: Do you like the picture? I'm available for weddings you know...I'm joking of course...unless the money's really good.

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