Saturday, January 26, 2008

The Allies / The Vehicles / The Leonards The Rainbow, Digbeth Friday 25th January 2008

Give me a K...give me an A...give me an M...give me a...oh you can see where I'm going with this. Yes, it's Kamikaze! time once more. A bit like Hammer Time...but without the Hammer bit (MC Hammer...oh, you know, chappie with floaty trousers on). First up, a band without floaty trousers on, but still looking pretty dapper with a singer in a neck tie, The Leonards. All the way from Rugeley, Staffordshire, the aforementioned singer must be one of the most bounciest frontmen in music history. Their set got stronger as they went on, with a clutch of hearty anthemic indie rock tracks (especially Stop, Elaine and Heroine) which nodded in the direction of early Embrace or Gene in places. Perfect 'ave it!' music.

Next, and a second viewing for me, The Vehicles. Twitchy New Wave with a slight Postcards Records kind of edge in places, they also reminded me a bit of Maximo Park tonight as well. As I'm rather fond of 'the Park' this was all good (listen to Trouble In Paradise in particular). The acid test for me when I see a band for the second time is do I remember the tracks from the first time I saw them. Were they memorable enough to lodge in what's left of my brain? Well, The Vehicles passed this test with flying colours.

Finally for tonight The Allies. I've written about them loads of times already. They are one of the best bands in Brum. One great singalong track after another, pacey, tight and as energetic as a bag of kittens on speed. I saw them last night supporting Yeti and The Foxes in The Barfly (a much bigger venue than The Rainbow) and they nailed it, just like they did tonight. Hoovering up all sorts of influences from The Libertines to The Zutons, The Pogues to The Clash then spitting them out in one great glorious gobful, The Allies have bucket loads of potential. For my money Ain't No Love Lost (bringing in the fiddle and accordion) remains their best track 'cos it's just so different and refreshing to hear. It's a bloody great end to the set too, but when the music's this good who wants it to end?


Rich said...

Cheers for the top review!! Which Postcard records bands were you thinking of?

We have some more gigs coming up if you are out and about!

12 Feb - Sound Bar
22nd Bar Academy

We can also send yo ua cd if you were interested!

All the best

The Baron said...

Hi Rich,

Thanks for dropping by! I was thinking about Josef K (Sorry For Laughing that kind of track)and bits of Fire Engines - there's something about the sound of your guitars that's got that great Postcard-y feel. All good stuff! A CD would be great...I'll drop you my address via your My Space page.