Monday, December 31, 2007

This year ain't big enough for the both of us...

Another year nearly over (you could never accuse me of being anything less than astute n'est ce pas?). Time for the traditional look ahead slot (I say traditional...I've only done it once, but in the fast moving cyber world that's traditional enough in my book). I have to say I'm a bit stumped though. Looking back at my predictions for 2007...well the obvious ones kind of made it (The Twang, The View, Mika). Blood Red Shoes are still in with a shout for 2008...the rest have gone to the great bargain bin in the sky. Wiser people than me seem a bit stumped too, what with the music 'biz' fragmenting into more genres and channels than any sane being could possibly cope with. But what the heck. Here's a few 'just for fun' predictions to cut out and keep...why not stick 'em to your fridge and share them with your friends and family (probably 'cos you've got lives right?).

Duffy and Adele (that's two people) both seem to be heading for Winehouse-dom...hopefully without the drink, drugs and breakdowns...get well soon you lovely tattooed beehive whackjob. Anyway, Duffy is a bit Dusty as people have pointed out...and Adele has more of a bluesy thang going on. Stardom for the pair seems a dead cert.

Elle s'appelle have been attracting a fair old buzz on the grapevine and some of the cooler publications recently. They sound like Mates of State...but as few people have heard of them, that don't really help (listen to their 'Fraud in the 80's' track though...v. good). Think spikey powerpop and you won't go far wrong.

Late of the Pier have been on the Hearing Aid video player for weeks 'cos I love them (and I'm a lazy bastard). For my money they're the best new ravey/dancey lot around.

Foals...yes I know I'm playing it safe but this one could go either way. Maths rock (hell I'm just making this shit up) legends in the making.

Sparks (pictured above...nice shot guys)...yep...the same Sparks who've been around for more than 30 years. They're overdue a serious revival and, with an audacious plan to play all 21 of their albums live over 21 dates in London, this is the year.

Loads of bands from the Midlands. Partisan? Moi? Whether the rest of the world takes any notice or not we have some class groups around at the moment. It's hard to pick just a few but step forward Prospect Lane, Beestung Lips, Velvet Texas Cannonball, Destroy Cowboy, And What Will Be Left of Them?, The High Society, Guile, Miss Halliwell, Johnny Foreigner, The Dirty Backbeats, the Bourgeois Four and, of course, Vix n'the Kix to name just twelve of 'em, Oh, and Kate Goes too. And Misty's Big Adventure. Shit...and Reverie could I forget Reverie Strings? Oh, hang it all. If you see a local gig advertised, just go along. The chances are that, in any given bill, they'll be something to like/love or lust over.

Finally a few more generic (but still music related predictions). Zavvi (the store that was Virgin but should've been renamed Fucked...'cos it is) will close, leaving just HMV to shut the doors as the old fashioned record biz finally leaves the High Street.

NME will hype its last scene and retreat to the web (Artrocker is a much better read and - at £3.25 a month plus a cracking free CD - it's a whole heap cheaper too). After NME's gutter press Morrissey article (I'm a fan, but not a fanatic) I've stopped buying it and, with a court case looming over said article they'd be wise to shut up shop right now before they accuse Cliff of fisting ponies or something.

More and more bands will give away their recorded music, but ticket prices and the cost of merchandise will go up. Expect to see bands putting in more gigs than ever before too. It's where the moolah is now.

There'll be a festival every single bloody weekend. Some (the smaller ones) could be great. Others...I'm sorry but I'm looking at you Glasto...will smell a little off...and it's nothing to do with the toilets this time.

Well, that's it. 2008 here we come. It's good to know that the impending global economic meltdown will at least have a decent soundtrack. Hurrah! Three day weeks anyone?

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